Konsyl's 30-Day Fiber Focus Challenge

Welcome to Konsyl’s 30-Day Fiber Focus Challenge! Join us on a journey towards better digestive health and overall well-being. This challenge is designed to help you make Konsyl a daily habit and experience the benefits of consistent fiber intake. Consume one Konsyl Fiber product each day for 30 days and stay hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water.

Choose from a variety of Konsyl Fiber products such as the Daily Psyllium Fiber Stick Packs, Gut Health Fiber Gummies, or any other Konsyl product you prefer. Incorporate one Konsyl product into your daily routine. Whether it’s a tasty gummy, mixing psyllium fiber into your morning smoothie, or simply taking it with water, make it a part of your daily regimen.

Starting now till the end of January, receive $10 OFF all our Konsyl Fiber Stick Packs to begin the #KonsylFiberFocusChallenge with a convenient 30-day supply! Use code “FIBER10” at checkout to apply the discount.